Activity & Press Release Green Latex, the Leader of Bedding Mattress Industry in Thailand expand over 30 Branches in 2018

March 27, 2018


Expanding over 30 Branches In 2018, Green Latex, the Leader of Bedding Mattress Industry in Thailand plans to grow their business.
Green Latex has announced the grand expansion and its growth to share the top leaders of bedding products in Thailand market in year 2018 targeting Latex bedding products and accessories.

Mrs. Chirawadee Angsumalee, Vice President of Green Latex said the trend of health care and health consciousness drives the demand of high quality of Thai Latex Bedding products especially to the International market. They more concerned with the natural material and the high standard quality of the technology in production. They believe ‘The quality of sleep is the art of real happiness in life’. Green Latex then is well-received in international market and gained revenue of M1,200 bahts or 45% growth in 2017.

This year, 2018 Green Latex has relocated to the new factory, covered 20 rais at Nawanakorn Industrial Zone to upgrade greater scale of production to expand the Modern Living market share in Thailand as the result of the consciousness of health care of Thai people. Consuming health care products is investment for a long-term life and they are willing to spend on these products especially natural latex bedding products helps better sleep. Green Latex has aimed to be the leader of world-class bedding products and offered Thai consumers the merchandise produced under the concept of ‘ INNOVATIVE SOLUTION FOR BETTER LIFE’ ; the high standard with innovative technology and non-toxic natural latex from the great resources, and the considerable plan of 30 branches expansion and the quarterly new designed merchandises.

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